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We develop and deliver engaging, results-based, instructor-led training services.
Webinars by LACO Learning


Do you have employees, partners, or customers who need instructor-led training but can't all be in one single location at the same time? If that's the case, then we've got you covered.


We create virtual instructor-led training materials that are delivered via webinar. These materials include everything that your instructors will need, including facilitator guides, presentation slides, individual and group activities, polls, and assessments.


If you're in the need of a trainer, then we provide for you a team of trainers who are expert in delivering virtual training for everything from sales to software and from customer service to compliance.


Just because your learners are taking the training virtually doesn't mean that they can't actively participate in it. We ensure an engaging interaction for everyone no matter where they are!

Instructor-Led Classroom Training (ILT) by LACO Learning
Professional Coaching by LACO Learning


One of the most effective ways to learn is with your peers in a classroom with an expert trainer. Whether you need to train your employees, partners, or customers, on-site or at a regional location, we've got the perfect solution that will drive results.


We design, develop, and deliver innovative instructor-led training materials for your team of trainers. These materials include facilitator guides, presentation slides, individual, pair, and group activities, randomly-generated authentic, and relevant scenarios for role plays, assessments, participant guides, and learner mats. 


We also facilitate an international train-the-trainer certification program that ensures that your trainers will be successful when they teach any class that we've developed.


And if you just need us to train your team, we'll send out one of very best. If you need instructor-led classroom training, you're in good hands!



One of the most important responsibilities of effective leaders is to coach the members of their teams. But what do you do to make sure that everyone improves and becomes a better employee and team member? Sounds like an operational problem that requires a training solution.


We meet with your leaders to learn what they need in terms of remediation and follow-up coaching materials for their teams. We then create coaching materials that emphasize both the on-demand and the live training.


These include presentation slides, task-based passports, interactive job aids, and graphic posters that help people remember key concepts and skills from the training,


Just because the training is done doesn't mean that your team stops learning and applying what they've learned. We help them retain it and use it long after their time on the computer, on the phone, or in the class. We encourage perpetual education!


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