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We've worked with some very exciting organizations. Let's add you to the list!

Mike Hilmo, Product Manager

I've never met a more hard-working, focused, and dedicated team! They have a natural ability to both envision the broad picture of a project's objectives and work within its minutiae all while under the pressure of the project's deadlines. Their creativity and ingenuity foster enthusiasm and energy."

Randy Robertson, Technology Governance and Project Management

”They are driven, pay attention to details, and use theory and testing instead of convention to inform their designs. They demand a lot from each of their team members to do their best work. I appreciated their tenacious focus on quality and their willingness to question the status quo. I appreciated the fresh ideas and the energy they brought."

Garrett Updike, Director of Talent Development

"They have very creative minds. We appreciated the work that they did to develop outstanding language learning curriculum in our organization. They are personable and very easy to get along with as well."

Todd Wilson, President

"They are a very original thinkers with great ideas. They're also very hard-working and maintain high integrity."

Mart Withers, Sr. Product Marketing Manager &  Sales Enablement Leader

"They know instructional design, training delivery, and LMS management. They provided terrific insight to make our sales enablement efforts more effective. When I needed them to help us build an LMS, they was there. When I needed them to deliver product training workshops, they did it professionally. And Mike is one efficient dude."

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